I do not know about you BUT this is basically the best company for me!

I was born in a family of eight. I was not born rich, however, my dad had always reminded us how essential it is still to finish highschool and decide to go to college or start our very own business. My dad believed that we can only learn from our own personal experiences and with his guidance, which explains why he was willing to support us in each and every decisions we make.

After highschool, I asked my dad to assist me start my very own business rather than planning to college. As a result of his buddy, whom he had persuaded, I discovered a great investor for my business. I started a service-based business which offers home cleaning services and it went absolutely good. Although the business was great at start, it took a sudden nose dive after several months of great business, and for you to prevent the downfall of our business, we opted for a SEO philippines to aid us with our job. We availed their tester packages and after discussing the improve with my partner, we took a chance by hiring them for a 3-month contract.

Getting great results was difficult at first since there are hardly no sales. Every little thing went superior the next month because sales come flocking in by way of internet. Every little thing went even better by the succeeding month because all the orders we have both locally and internet were of the identical number. That was surely something wonderful to us. When the contract was planning to end, my business partner and I decided to renew it not just for another 3 months but for a whole year.

I do believe that the results aren’t surely long term, nevertheless the great results we have is truly amazing, especially considering that we have 150% more leads and 80% more sales. So far, I’m happy with all the results we get, but still, we’re hoping that these great results will last longer. I’m not sold out yet though because I haven’t hired any other company to compare results with. Well, there‚Äôs nothing wrong with this since I’m brand new in using this method, even after all the studies I made about SEO services and link building.

Anyway, with the increased profits, I’d possibly consider buying a better package from them or pay them a lot more for you to push the internet marketing much more. In case you consider the investment I have made, it’s still a good one, especially since I am getting great results which I actually love. Funny as it might sound, but our only issue today is the huge amount of orders we get that’s always keeping us busy all the time.

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